About This Blog

About This Blog

They call me Smudge. I live in Estes Park, Colorado with my beautiful wife Jamie, our daughters Elaina and Daphne, and our pup Clover. I grew up in Texas and still consider it home, but love getting out and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and the mountains of Colorado. My true outdoor love is trail running, but really just enjoy being outside in the hills. This blog is mainly a way for family and friends back home to keep up with what’s going on in my life, but I hope anyone who comes across it will enjoy!

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  1. hi mikie its snowing here and i was just playing with the computer and threw your name in and you popped up hi we live in showlow az now and we are retired ed loves it we could be coming up your way in a few months you are married now i see we are happy for you please email me at crossednliz@cableone.net if you receive this

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