Today, Jamie and I decided to do a tour of a few of the lakes in the Tyndall Gorge/Glacier Gorge areas. We would begin with the classic hike from Bear Lake to Nymph to Dream and on to Emerald. Jamie was blown away by the scenery here, as it is truly a special place. We took our time hiking up Tyndall Gorge and enjoyed the scenery, stopping at each lake to take some pictures and to just soak in the views. I took her to a few of my favorite spots along the trail as we made our way on this beautiful morning.

We stopped at an amazing spot just below Emerald Lake that I had never been before. The views and the landscape in this little nook we simply breathtaking. Waterfalls, flowers, trees, huge peaks and perfect company!

From Emerald Lake, we backtracked to Dream, where my friend Trout paid us a visit, and then took the trail to Lake Haiyaha. Along the trail we stopped to take pictures of some beautiful flowers and I tried to dive off of a cliff, luckily Jamie caught me before I tumbled all the way off the trail. I was so scared. So very scared. Upon our arrival to Haiyaha, we picnicked on a large rock and further enjoyed this magnificent day! We then took the "unimproved" trail (which is a perfectly fine and well defined and very well maintained trail) over into Glacier Gorge and on to Mills Lake. We didn't spend too much time here as there were hordes of humans walking all about in every direction. No bueno.

We decided to call it a day in favor of more fun and exciting adventures that required evacuation of the national park. Another fantastic day in the hills!


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