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I will keep this short, as I'm a little busy getting ready for my last summer in the mountains (at least for now). Back in December my great friend, Harper, invited me to go with her and her family to Belize. Now, how on God's green earth could I possibly turn down an invitation like that? Traveling to a beautiful place with a wonderful family and some of my best friends in the world. So, almost half a year later I found myself on a little island hopping Cessna Caravan a couple of thousand feet over Central American tropical bliss.

We had met in Dallas and flew to Belize City where we caught the flight that took us to Abergris Caye and the city of San Pedro. After renting a couple of Golf Carts we were headed out to Casa Gonzo, our home away from home for the next week. After getting our stuff settled and making ourselves at home we all grabbed a beer, which seemed permanantly fixed to our hands the entire week, and headed for the beach. The island had a very laid back vibe. The only cars on the island we a handful of taxi cabs. Otherwise you were on foot, a bike or a golf cart.

It was a wonderful trip and very relaxing. A lot of laying around, a lot of good food and great company. We mainly hung out and relaxed although a few of us went fishing one day, snorkling another and Creed and I rented a sail boat for a day to test out our sea legs. We met some very interesting people, met Gorgie Gorgie, a monkey that was a ping pong champion, a man with thumbs on his feet, a pirate, Bob Marley's kindred spirit, and we even flew a pirate kite. Our good deed for the week was helping the basketball team raise a little money by buying them a chicken to feed to some crocodiles. When I was a kid, we had bake sales to raise money. I guess times have changed.

My favorite place to grab a margarita was a cool little spot called the Victoria House. Right on the beach, thatched roof and all with geckos climbing all over the walls and they made the best margaritas I have ever had. Which is a pretty bold statement, but I'm sticking to it. Plus, it gives me a good reason to go back someday!

We reluctantly made our way back to Dallas and then on to Austin where I spent a few days hanging with the fam, spending time with friends and getting spanked by a suburban. All in all a great trip that I will always remember.

Thanks Fords!

Now it's back to the mountains and another great summer of climbing!


until next time...
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Here are all of the video clips I took...well, most of them. They really don't make any sense and are very random, but they are fun to watch. If it doesn't play for you on the page, try downloading it here.
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