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Alan has just moved to Estes Park, but has visited many times in the past so he is very familiar with the area. He wanted to get out for a long day so I suggested a couple of peaks in the Mummy Range.

He picked me up at about 4:40 and we made the short drive up the road to the Lawn Lake trail head. We had a six mile hike to Lawn Lake and another three miles of steep climbing to get to the summit of Hagues Peak (13,560 feet). We were then going to head over to Mummy Mountain (13,425 feet) and then work our way back to the Lawn Lake trail far below for our hike back to the trailhead. With such a full day ahead of us, we too a nice easy pace to begin our hike. We were sure to save plenty of energy for the higher altitudes and the long death march back to the trail head.

The hike to Lawn Lake was pretty uneventful, but once we were above the lake walking towards Hagues Peak the scenery became breathatking and the animals came out from hiding. We saw quite a few Mule Deer and a couple of Bighorn Sheep. After taking some time to enjoy the scenery, we were at the base of the long, very long, gully that would lead us almost directly to the summit. We had a bite to eat and then began the slog up the scree toward the highest point in Larimer County. This took quite a bit of time, especially negociating the tiresome scree mixed with ptches of steep snow. Making our way up the slopes we would stop and look to the south admire the amazing views of the high peaks of the National Park and beyond. It was such a clear day, we could even see Pikes Peak, far to the south.

We kept on keeping on and eventually we scrambled over the rock slabs near the top of the slopes and along the upper reaches of the east ridge and were on the summit! Fourty minutes were spent taking pictures, scouting the terrain to the north of the mountain and just enjoying the perfectly calm and warm day. We soon realized that we had spent a little more time then we had wanted to on the summit and we began our trip over to Mummy Mountain. This was a boulder hopping, ridge scrambling trek with great views of the surrounding mountains.

It was a deceptively long distance to the saddle between Hagues and Mummy, but we made it. There was a huge # "10" staked to the ground at the crest of the saddle and I still cannot figure out what this could have been for. I'm guessing it was made to be seen from the air. Maybe for rescue or training purposes?

We had a bit to eat and began the quick hop up the west slopes of Mummy and before too long were on the summit! It had been a great day and we spent a few minutes on top snapping photos and admiring the scenery before making the most dreaded part of trip...the hike back to the trail. First we had to decsend the long broad eastern slopes of Mummy, that never seem to end. After what seemed like hours, we had made it back to the Lawn Lake trail and began the six mile stumble back to the trail head.

With pounding feet, sore muscles, tired minds and overworked lungs we wound our way through the Roaring River Valley revisiting the great day we had just experienced! The Mummy Range is a jewel of Rocky Mountain National Park and I never get tired of visiting this spectacular area. We already have plans of revisiting this range next Fall for another great day in the hills!

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