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Mummy Mountain, a unique and beautiful mountain, stands as the name sake for a wonderful range of mountains. Other prominant peaks in the Mummy Range include, Mt Chiquita, Ypsilon Mountain, Fairchild Mountain, Hagues Peak, and Rowe Peak. These are easily see from Trail Ridge Road and even from downtown Estes Park.

I have attempted to climb this mountain a couple of times before, but turned around due to the weather. It is a mountain that had stirred my interest since I have been living in Estes Park. In and around town, you can often see it peek its summit over the top of Lumpy Ridge, just staring down on us as the stone guard to the North. It is a beautiful "elephant of a mountain," as some call it due to it's bulk and I was very anxious about my next attempt to reach it's summit!

The morning started out perfect, not one cloud in the sky anywhere. I hiked fast through the forests along the Roaring River and reached Lawn Lake in less than 2 hours. I did take a break here to let my legs rest and to try to force down some food. Then I was on my way again, on to timberline and the beauty that, undoubtedly, lies ahead. As I was making my way through the very last of the low, right-at-tree-line, brush, I was suprised by a group of Coyotes playing with and yipping at each other. It was fun to watch them run among the large rocks playing chase and taunting one another with their yips and howls! What a treat!

After a short and harmless negociating of willows, I was on a well worn trail that lead to "The Saddle" at the head of the valley. But, right after the junction with the Crystal Lakes trail, I headed Northest, up to the saddle between Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain. With no trail, there were endless option for my ascent route. I chose a challenging one, hoping to push my limits only slightly, but still move quickly. I found a great class 3+ line and enthusiastically took that! Once near the ridge line, I stayed a little lower and made a direct line for the final slope that would lead me to the summit of Mummy Mountain.

On that final slope, you can choose the difficulty of your route very easily. Stay to the north along the crest of the ridge, and you can walk up. Stay more to your right (south) and you can choose from class 3 and up! I chose another class 3+ route along steep boulders and purley enjoyed what I was doing that very moment. There were few places I'd rathe be at that moment, than high on the flanks of Mummy Mountain, enjoying a truley beautiful day!

After climbing almost 5000 feet to reach this summit, it is a nice feeling to see it come into view. The views down onto Lawn Lake are impressive and rival the views from Longs to Chasm Lake. I noticed on the summit register that this mountain sees more traffic than I would have thought. It is a more remote peak, and it is difficult to get to. I guess, like myself, it's mere presence has sparked enough interest in others to make this trip more than worth the effort...and it is!

I didn't spend long on the summit, as some darkening clouds were getting a little too close for comfort. I started my way down the other (eastern) side of the mountain, which turned out to be a wonderful tundra walk. I aimed for Potts Puddle, far below, turned into tree line, and before I knew it, I was back on the Lawn Lake trail headed for the car and a nice hot cup of tea!

As usual, it was another great day spent in Rocky. A Roaring River, a prestine mountain lake, the sounds of the wildlife around me, and an incredible mountain climb and summit! What more could you ask for??

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