Trey and I made a trip up to Washington State on August 6th for a few nights. Niether of us had ever been to this part of the country before, so leave it to the Dave Matthews Band to give us more than enough reason to travel thousands of miles. They played on the 7th and 8th at the Gorge Ampitheatre in central Washington.....some of the most beautiful country in America, and, by far, the best venue in the country to see live music.

Getting to see so much of the state made this trip amazing on its own, but to also see DMB at The Gorge was a thick layer of sweet icing on the cake! We started off the trip in Seattle, visited the EMP (Experience Music Project), drove by the ports, then headed out to Ocean City to put our feet in the Pacific. We also made a large loop through Mt. Rainer National Park, the Black Rock Valley in Rattlesnake Hills, and through the Saddle Mountain Range to the Columbia River Basin and the Gorge.

Click on the links below to see different days of the trip!

Day 1

the EMP
Pacific Ocean

Day 2

Snoqualmie Falls
Drive to the Gorge

Day 3

Mt. Rainer National Park
Rattlesnake Hills
Saddle Mountains
The Gorge