July 8, 2003
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At the chilly Chapin Pass trailhead.

At the top of Chapin Pass, about to head toward the summit.

Mom and Tiffany taking in the scenery.

A meadow along the trail.

Heading up the mountain .

Mom on the trail. You can see Mt. Chapin in the background.

Tiffany standing in the sun on the trail.

Looking towards Trail Ridge. The Lava Cliffs can be seem in the distance.

Almost above treeline!!

Getting closer!

Crossing a snowfield, Ange and I trade pictures, and mom is doing okay!

The crew heading up the steep, rocky slope of Mt. Chapin.

Mom climbing up the rocks toward the summit.
Scott and Angela taking a photo break.
Ange standing in the flowers, close to the summit of Chapin.

Mt. Chapin with the Fam!!

July 8 , 2003

This hike was a lot of fun. It was Mom, Tiffany, Angela, and Scott's first summit above treeline....their first hike above treeline for that matter. It was a perfect day. There was not a cloud in the sky, and except for a strong cold wind on the way back down, the temperature was just right.

Once we got into a good rhythm, the only breaks we took were to soak in the amazing scenery of this incredible trail. The flowers were out in FULL force, and it was hard not step on them, even on the trail!

After climbing steep trail, crossing snowfields, and scrabling up and over steep rocks, we were all standing on the beautiful summit. It was fun watching the reactions of people who had never seen the world from the summit of a mountain. We were all overjoyed (after summiting many mountains, I still get overly excited at the top).

We snapped a few pictures, soaked in more of the scenery, then headed back down the trail.

This is a great first summit for anyone, and a great summit to visit time and time again. Needless to say, this was a wonderful hike. Everything you could ask for, and more!

It may be a few weeks before I can update again...a little busy at work...

Until then.....